Our Mission

Supplying tasty products with guaranteed quality and outstanding flavour and texture.

Our Vision

Being reference on quality worldwide, respecting values, cultures and the wellness of our consumers and employees following a sustainable vision.

Our Values

Providing the satisfaction of our customers with our products and services, always carring about people and the environment.


Dom Glutao is always updated and ready to supply the local and international market. Our Cattles are naturally and carefully fed to guarantee the well-known taste, recognized by our costumers.
All care with the quality is taken in order to provide the best taste, quality and cost-benefit to our supply chain.

Market and product development

Offering quality and innovation to the consumer. Dom Glutao means innovation and continuous improvement in order to supply worldwide, respecting standard values and cultures, under a strict control on the production process to ensure the wellness and food security. We are subjected to strict Federal Inspection Service assistance SIF, GMP practices, HACCP implementation focused on the food industry, as well as other certificates related to specific markets (Halal certificate to the muslim community).

Social responsibility and sustainability

Sustainable growth is one of our values. We count on collaborators who are commited to preserve the environment, garanting local and worldwide trade. We constantly invest in equipment and technology in order to improve the production and minimize the risks to our collaborators and the environment.

Own confinement

Dom Glutao’s feedlot has a functional and practical structure, using high technology, since nutrition, handling and animal welfare. During the carcass finishing, animals are strictly selected receiving the pre-established sanitary control and they are supplied based on controlled and formulated diets to acquire the highest performance and efficiency with less residue to the environment. Part of that, the activity has sepcial programs of feedlot finishing, focused in meat quality and fine cuts.